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2018 Scores for Dan Denton

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Name Opponent Date Bat Score How Out 6s 4s Bowl Runs Bowl Wkts Bowl Overs Catches
Dan DentonSt Lawrence2017-05-060Did Not Bat000001
Dan DentonLuddesdowne2017-05-203Caught000000
Dan DentonChiddingstone2017-06-030Did Not Bat000001
Dan DentonKnockholt2017-06-102Bowled0040040
Dan DentonSennocke2017-06-240Did Not Bat000000
Dan DentonLuddesdowne2017-07-220Did Not Bat000000
Dan DentonHalstead2017-07-2919Stumped000000
Dan DentonChiddingstone2017-08-050Bowled000000
Dan DentonShipbourne 2nd XI2017-08-196Bowled000001

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