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2018 Scores for match against Luddesdowne

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Name Opponent Date Bat Score How Out 6s 4s Bowl Runs Bowl Wkts Bowl Overs Catches
Alistair BrookerLuddesdowne2017-05-204Caught00531 81
Andrew StringerLuddesdowne2017-05-202Not Out0000 00
Dan DentonLuddesdowne2017-05-203Caught0000 00
Dave CliveLuddesdowne2017-05-2082Caught110261 90
Ian HewittLuddesdowne2017-05-2041Caught0600 01
Ian HindleyLuddesdowne2017-05-203Bowled0000 00
Karim LoukilLuddesdowne2017-05-204Caught00406 90
Lee HolmesLuddesdowne2017-05-200Not Out0000 00
Matt HillLuddesdowne2017-05-2033Run Out13440 50
Steve BalcombeLuddesdowne2017-05-200Did Not Bat00131 91
Tim StringerLuddesdowne2017-05-202Bowled0000 00

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